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Cara StoergerAfter years of using the left side of my brain for analytical calculations and mathematical equations, my right side became jealous. In order to appease the potentially rebellious right side, I started on a journey through career changes, job searches and graduate school. Yes, those of you who know me realize that it doesn’t take much to get me back in the classroom, however, this time its in the Arts instead of the Sciences. I love to draw, paint, doodle, design and if I get to use a little science along the way, my left brain goes into a strange version of the happy dance.

I teach sometimes at the Monticello Area Arts Council if you're interested in that kind of thing and work with Posh Prints & Design and Melissa Waller Photography as well. I also put together some websites on the side (i.e. 3 Ravens Food & Spirits and Monticello Presbyterian Church) and every once in a while help set up someone's home network. It keeps my inner nerd alive.

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I love to hear from anyone who's been on my website or if you have any questions about the illustrations or artwork, so send me a quick email.


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Cara Stoerger is a freelance Illustrator interested in Freelance Jobs.

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