Allerton Park Koi Pond

I’ll be at Allerton House on Thursday evening, November 3 for a Donor Event. I’m supposed to be plein air painting the Koi Pond but it’s an evening event and it’s November. It looks to be more of an on-site painting exhibition than plein air, but it’s all good and I’m looking forward to it.

Because of the time and weather, I’ve taken some photos of the area and done some preliminary painting to make sure I can complete a painting in 2.5 hours. Oh, did I forget to mention that the painting is part of a Raffle to be awarded during the event. 😲

Here’s about 2 hours worth of painting: Watercolor with pen & ink on paper, 16″ x 20″

My Koi aren’t quite bright enough and the pond dimensions aren’t right in the lower left, too skinny. But I LOVE 💕 the greenery background and the water in the pond.